Frequently Asked Questions About Complaints & Discipline

What kinds of action can the Board take?

The Board can:

  • limit, suspend or revoke a pharmacy’s license to provide pharmacy services in NL
  • limit, suspend or revoke a pharmacist’s license to practice pharmacy in NL
  • order a pharmacist to participate in additional training
  • order a pharmacist to enrol in an appropriate treatment program
  • issue a written reprimand
  • issue a fine

How long does the complaint review process take?

There is no set time limit. The length of the review process varies with the complexity of the allegation. Some reviews move very quickly, others take months or a year or longer.

How can I find out about the status of my allegation?

You can contact the Board staff at any time. In addition, the Board staff will contact you when the review process is complete and the Board has made a decision about your allegation.

Do all allegations lead to action against pharmacists or pharmacies?

The Board receives some allegations that do not lead to action against a pharmacist or pharmacy. The Board cannot take action against a pharmacist or pharmacy unless there is sufficient evidence to show that the pharmacist violated the NL Pharmacy Act and its Regulations or the Board’s Standards of Pharmacy Practice. The Board must thoroughly review each allegation before it takes any action.

If the Board cannot act, is there anything I can do?

The Board’s staff may advise you on the services of other governmental agencies or professional associations if the Board is not the appropriate agency to deal with your concerns.

Are there any costs associated with filing an allegation?

There are no costs for filing an allegation.

If I file an allegation, can I also take legal action?

Filing an allegation would have no effect on any other legal action you choose to consider.

Can I be sued for making an allegation?

No, you cannot be sued for making an allegation. However, divulging details of your issue to others in writing or verbally may constitute libel or slander, placing you at risk for legal action.

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