The Complaint Process

When the Board receives a formal allegation, several things will happen. The Board staff will review all documentation and determine what additional information, if any, may be required. This additional information may include prescription records, medication profiles, or interviews with those involved. If you have not already discussed your concern with Board staff, you will be contacted to provide additional information and clarification of your allegation. Finally, a copy of your allegation and supporting documentation is sent to the identified pharmacist for response and explanation.

If the allegation cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Board staff, it is then referred to the Complaints Authorization Committee. The Committee may then refer the allegation back to the Registrar for investigation or resolution, conduct an investigation itself or require the pharmacist to appear before it.

Where the Committee decides there are no reasonable grounds for the allegation, they may dismiss the allegation and will notify you of this in writing.

If the Committee decides there are reasonable grounds for the allegation, it then constitutes a complaint, and the committee may counsel or caution the pharmacist, refer the matter to the disciplinary panel or recommend to the Board that the pharmacist’s practice be suspended or restricted.

Once the disciplinary panel receives a complaint, it will appoint an adjudication tribunal to conduct a hearing into the matter.

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