Cannabis for Medical and Non-Medical Purposes

The Government of Canada has introduced legislation that would legalize non-medical cannabis use in the country. If passed, this legislation is expected to come into effect in July, 2018. For now, there is no change to access cannabis for medical purposes. Access will continue to follow the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

In addition to the federal legislation, the province will be establishing guidelines and making decisions related to where non-medical cannabis can be sold, who may purchase it, and whether certain laws should be updated or changed in the interests of public safety and health.

Recognizing that the landscape around cannabis is evolving rapidly, the national organization for pharmacy regulators, NAPRA, has released its position statement on cannabis and the role of pharmacy practitioners which can be found at

Update on Pharmacy Technician Appeals Process

As previously communicated in March 2017, the NLPB Board has been working on an appeal process for those pharmacy technician candidates who find themselves in a position of not being able to complete the full registration process by December 31, 2017. At the May Board meeting, a Pharmacy Technician Appeal Committee was formed to advise on the development of this process, review appeals once they are submitted, and make recommendations to the Board on whether or not each individual appeal should be granted.

Candidates are reminded that, based on legal opinion, appeals will be considered only for applicants who have:

  • completed the four Bridging courses;
  • completed the PEBC Evaluating Examination (or equivalent); and
  • completed or are currently completing the NLPB practical training program.

It is important to note that meeting the criteria outlined above does not necessarily mean the appeal will be granted.

The Pharmacy Technician Appeal Committee has defined the following appeal application and decision process:

  • Candidates will apply for the appeal using a standardized form (currently under development). This form will include a section where the applicant will declare that they have met the mandatory appeal criteria as well as space to describe the circumstances that led to them not being able to complete the full process by the deadline.
  • NLPB office staff will review the applications for completeness and follow up with candidates if additional information is needed. Applications will also be de-identified at this time.
  • The Pharmacy Technician Appeal Committee will meet to review the applications. Consideration will be given to candidates who, in addition to meeting the above criteria, have demonstrated they were acting in good faith to meet the deadline.
  • The Committee’s recommendations will be presented to the NLPB Board for their decision. It is anticipated that the appeal decisions will be finalized in early 2018.

The Pharmacy Technician Appeal Committee will meet again before the end of the summer to finalize the details of the appeal process, including approving the application form and timelines. More information will be shared on this process in September.

James J. O’Mara Pharmacy Museum Now Open!

The James J. O’Mara Pharmacy Museum is now open for the 2017 summer season. Come in Monday to Friday 10:00am-4:00pm to learn and experience the old methods of our everyday pharmacies. Throughout the tour you will have a chance to see many historic artifacts, beginning in our front windows with our beautiful show globes, an old pharmacy practice which originated in the 19th century. Come in and see these elegant, ornate, one-of-a-kind pieces today!

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