Frequently-Asked Questions About Professional Development

  • What are the Professional Development requirements for Registrants in Newfoundland and Labrador?

    Registrants are required to participate in a minimum of 15 hours of professional development activities between December 1 and November 30 of each PD year. Of the 15 hours, a minimum of 7.5 must be from accredited learning activities (i.e. programs that have been accredited for no less than a total of 7.5 credits) with a balance of 7.5 hours of participation in either accredited or self-assigned learning activities. All professional development activities must be entered into the Registrant’s online Professional Development (PD) log no later than November 30th in each year in order to be eligible to renew their registration for the following year.

  • Can I claim all 15 credits from one source?

    Yes, there is no restriction against this. While pharmacists are encouraged to obtain professional development from a variety of sources, it is not mandatory. If you have completed one course or program that fulfills the full requirement you may enter it as such. The exception is that a maximum of 5 credits per year may be claimed for completion of the Pharmacist’s Letter CE-in-the-Letter.

  • I took a program with several learning modules. Do I need to record each module individually?

    The Documentation section of the Professional Development page offers specific advice on recording programs with multiple modules where one certificate of completion was assigned.

  • How many credits can I claim for taking First Aid or CPR?

    In accordance with the Professional Development Standards of Practice, a registrant may self-assign 1 credit per year for completion of CPR or First Aid courses.

  • How do I document my service as a preceptor?

    Registrants may self-assign 0.5 credits per week for service as a preceptor up to a maximum of 6 credits per year. The instructions to enter this online can be found at

  • I wrote the PEBC Qualifying exam in 2016. How many credits may I claim and how do I document it on my learning portfolio record?

    You may claim 15 credits upon successful completion of Parts I and II, or 5 credits upon successful completion of Part II only. It can be documented as follows:

    • Program Title: PEBC Qualifying Exam, Parts I and II
    • Provider: PEBC
    • Speaker/Author: N/A
    • Program Approved By: Select “Other” and type PEBC in the blank field
    • Number of CEU’s Accredited: 15
    • For all of the Learning Objectives: Type N/A

Further information, including good examples of how to document your learning, can be found by visiting the Professional Development page of the website. To view the Standards of Practice – Professional Development for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in their entirety, visit the Standards, Guidelines and Policies page of the website.

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