Professional Development


  • Learning Activity Notes – While this form can be used to assist you with making notes while participating in a program, it does not replace documentation of the learning activity in your online Learning Portfolio.
  • Documentation of Credits for Service as a Preceptor
  • Recording Service as a Preceptor on Your Online Learning Portfolio
  • Documenting Education Programs with Multiple Modules on Your Online Learning Portfolio – In order to minimize the documentation burden on registrants, while still including all necessary information, we advise the following strategy when documenting completion of this type of program:
    • Rather than listing every Learning Objective for the program (which would likely be extensive), summarize them into 5 or 6 “high level” Learning Objectives that describe what you set out to learn by completing this program. For example: “Understand the rationale and background for immunization” and “Demonstrate understanding of the proper storage, handing and transport of vaccinations”.
    • For Take Home Messages, since this information should describe what you actually learned from the program, your messages should reflect the Learning Objectives set out above. For example, “Because vaccines are sensitive biological products, maintaining and monitoring the proper storage and transportation temperature is very important.”
    • The last section of the record should indicate whether or not the learning was relevant to your practice and, if so, how you intend to integrate this information into your practice.
  • Examples of Good Learning Portfolio Documentation

Information For Presenters

For Programs intended for delivery in Newfoundland and Labrador

For Programs intended for delivery outside of the Province, please visit the CCCEP website at:

Available Programs

Opioid Dependence Treatment Education

Preceptor Training Program

  • Dalhousie University Preceptor Education Program – Once completed, click on “Contact Us” and send a message to “College of Pharmacy/Harriet Davies requesting a Record of Completion for your application and professional development records.

Prescribing Orientation Program

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